Detention Centre fast coming up


Even as the world is debating about the fate of the 19 lakh people who may become stateless, the Detention Centre is fast coming up at Goalpara.

This detention centre is not a jail. The declared stateless people will stay in these detention centres. Funnily they will only stay for three years in these centres. After that government is legally bound to release them if they cannot be expelled to Bangladesh within that time period.

Meanwhile, the construction work is ongoing in full swing at India’s first detention centre in Goalpara district’s West Matia area in Assam.

There will be 15 four-storey buildings in the detention centre for those who do not qualify as Indian citizens.

“The work on this project started in December 2018, our target is to complete it by December 2019. It will cost around Rs 46 crore. 15 four-storey buildings are being built-13 for men, 2 for women,” Junior Engineer (JE) of the detention centre, Rabin Das told newsmen.

Das also stated that the centre will have separate toilets, hospital, kitchen, dining area, recreational area and a school.

The detention centre is being constructed in an area of 2,88,000 square feet and will be having separate residential facilities for the security personnel and officials. “There will be buildings for officers grade 4 staff. It will have 2 security barracks. The water system will have a capacity of 50,000 litres,” he added.

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