Dibrugarh’s one man army


As the Lok Sabha Election approaches, electioneering has intensified. An independent candidate contesting for the Dibrugarh constituency is seen campaigning all by himself to convince voters to elect him as their leader.

At a time when all the political parties are busy doing their best and are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that their party wins the maximum number of seats, independent candidate Nurul Huda Islam Saikia has grabbed all the attention.

No star campaigners to pitch for his win but with only a banner, an associate and a speaker, this candidate hailing from Digboi is a teacher by profession in a private English medium school.

Definitely different from others, Saikia travels either in a bus or a train, to every part of the constituency to campaign for the elections.

The candidate has only 17 thousand Rupees as his assets, Rupees 10 thousand in the name of his five wives and two thousand rupees in his son’s bank account.

Choosing ginger as his symbol, the independent candidate is of the opinion that the spice acts as a medicine as well is used in everyday lives, so this elections none can avoid the ginger.

The candidate wishes to be either a railway cabinet minister or a industries minister, however, the results will only tell if his dreams come true.

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