Dimapur Locals Give Free Rides To Make City ‘Rape Free’


A group of residents collectively offer free rides in Nagaland’s Dimapur to people especially women in need of transportation during night hours.

A Facebook post of a Dimapur-based user has turned out to become a full-fledged campaign in Nagaland’s commercial hub.

On October 12, Dimapur resident Aneiba Thou wrote on his Facebook timeline, “Any persons, elders, younger sister or a lady facing problems in transportation at night or any problems or not feeling safe at nearby areas, I am ready to help, so call or SOS me anytime 24×7. Just call and say I need your help, I’ll be there. We believe, together we can bring the change and we will change this… My dream of rape free and safe INDIA”.

Thou’s initiative is an attempt to make the city safe and secure especially for women. The extensively sharing of the post on social media led like-minded users to offer help as well pushing the initiative to become a rigorous campaign in just a week’s time.

In a report published by The Print quoted Thou, a father of two daughters and a constable at the police commissioner’s office in Dimapur said, “It is like a chain now, many are doing the same here in Dimapur, anywhere anytime, I am willing to help,” adding, “I want my children to be brought up in a world with no crime done against women. Our society has not faced such a severe situation but I want to bring awareness and help people.”

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