DISE : Enrollment in govt schools decreasing


Amid the  government’s ambitious ‘Gunotsav ‘ and other newly launched schemes to enhance the education system of the state, there has been a rapid decline in the number of students in the government schools of Assam. The situation is so worse that according to a report by District Information System for Education (DISE) , in 4000 government schools of Assam there are less than 10 students each. In many of the schools there are no students at all.

The lack of proper infrastructure and  inadequate facilities of most of  the government schools has always been a major concern. There has also been questions about the development in the state’s education sector during former education minister of the state Himanta Biswa Sarma’s regime.

According to DISE’s report, in 2016-2017, in 22475 government schools of Assam, there were less than 50 students in each school.

On the other hand in 2016-17  ,in 31055 schools there were less  than 50 students. These schools include provincialised , unprovincialised  and private.

Many government schools in Assam are being compelled to shut down as there are no students.

The state government took an initiative of transferring the teachers from one school to the other so that the teachers could be divided in proportion to the students. But the process was never completed. This has led to more teachers compared to the number of students in various schools.



(Featured image : NewsZ)


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