Doctor accepts bribe for fake postmortem report


In a sensational incident in the medical sector of Assam, a doctor has allegedly forged a postmortem report of man in Morigaon. The doctor has been identified as Ajit Phukan.

According to reports, body of one Ibrahim Ali was found in mysterious condition near Satbari area under Morigaon district on August 28. The family members of Ali had alleged that he was murdered, but primary investigations by the police have revealed that it was an accident.

Later, the Dr Ajit Phukan informed the family members of Ali that he could forge the postmortem report if they offer a sum of Rs. 50,000. He also informed them that he would have to pay Rs. 25,000 to police official.

However, while paying Rs. 25,000 in cash, Ali’s wife recorded the incident in a hidden camera. It was also revealed that Dr Phukan had called Ali’s wife with the cash to a private clinic.

Meanwhile, Police have initiated an investigation regarding the incident.

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