Electoral rolls, IDs to be ready in January 2021


The Election Commission has begun the summary revision of electoral rolls and photo identification cards.

Senior Principal Secretary Narendra N Butolia issued a statement announcing the schedule for the revision of the electoral rolls.

The revision this year includes the removal of discrepancies and reorganisation as well as fixation of boundaries of polling stations, which will have to be completed by October 31.

The next would be preparation of integrated draft rolls by November 15. The draft integrated electoral rolls will be published on November 16 and the electoral officers will take objections and make corrections, including deletions, till December 15, Narendra N Butolia said.

Once the draft electoral rolls are published, the will take up an intensive campaign on the electoral rolls across the state and dispose of the claims by January 14, 2021. The final list of voters would be published on January 15, 2021, the principal secretary said.

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