Erosion Wreaks Havoc in Assam


Flood-triggered soil erosion has wreaked havoc at several places in Assam like Suwalkuchi, Nagarbera, Chaygaon, Puranigudam, Puthimari etc, of Assam.

The Laheshwari chapori, an important chapori in the heart of Brahmaputra, has been completely submerged in water.

This chapori for the past four-five decades have been boosting the farming of farmers from places like Bathan, Srihati near Suwalkuchi and helping them to earn a pocketful.

However, with its submergence, a threat to their livelihood has come down and the farmers who were depended on farming in the chapori now seem to be worried regarding their future.

Fearing worst, most of the people have already moved on to places with higher altitude and have also transported their poultry and cattle.

In Barpeta’s Nagarbera area, a number of families have already lost their houses and property in erosion.

“The massive erosion by the Brahmaputra has swallowed major portions of many villages in Nagarbera,” said a flood-affected who currently have taken shelter in a relief camp.

Massive erosion by the Kolohi River in Kamrup (rural) district’s Chaygaon area has threatened the existence of a bridge on National Highway 17 and people fear that if the erosion continues then soon the bridge would be washed away and this would disrupt the road communication.

It may be mentioned here that the said bridge was constructed thirty years ago and then no “protection wall” was constructed to the sides of the bridge to protect it from erosion and flood.

People fear that with no protection/guard wall, the bridge may collapse any moment.

As per reports, so far an electric pole, a shop and a few trees have already been eroded in the area and as time passes on, the erosion threat continues to grow.

In Puthimari in Kamrup (Rural) village, after losing his land and house in erosion and villager tried to commit suicide on Thursday, however, he was saved by the locals.

Dhaniya village in Sonitpur, the last resort for wild animals from Nagaon’s Burha Chapori Wildlife Sanctuary, is on the verge of being completely eroded away by the Brahmaputra.

Even though the villagers tried their best to protect the village from erosion, however, nothing seems to have worked. People are now leaving the village in search of a safer place.

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