“Every person will get an opportunity to approach the Foreigners Tribunal” : Rajnath Singh on NRC dropout people


Union Home minister Rajnath Singh on Monday while reacting on release of final draft of National Register of Citizens ( NRC) in Assam said that even those whose names do not figure in the Final NRC will get an opportunity to approach the Foreigners Tribunal.

“Today NRC Draft List has been published in Assam. I want to clarify that even after the Final NRC, every person will get an opportunity to approach the Foreigners Tribunal”, said Singh.

The Union Home minster said that NRC draft for Assam published on Monday is not a final NRC. “I want to emphatically say that this is only a draft and not the Final NRC. Everyone will have full opportunity to file Claims and Objections as per provision in law. Only after the disposal of claims and objections, the Final NRC will be published”, said the Union Home Minister.

The Union Home minister said that some people are unnecessarily trying to create an atmosphere of fear. “I want to assure all that there is no need for any apprehension or fear. Some misinformation is also being spread. NRC process has been done impartially”, added Singh.

Singh reiterated that NRC process is being carried out with complete fairness and transparency and has been monitored by the Supreme Court.

Around 40 lakh people in Assam have been left out in the draft list of NRC. The state’s NRC has been updated for the first time since 1951 to account for illegal migration from neighbouring Bangladesh and erstwhile East Pakistan.


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