EXIT Poll: Kejriwal-led AAP to come back to power in Delhi


Times Now-IPSOS
AAP: 44 seats.
BJP: 26 seats.
Congress: 0 seat.

AAP: 50-56 seats.
BJP: 10-14 seats.
Congress: 0 seat.

Republic TV-Jan ki Baat
AAP: 48-61 seats.
BJP: 9-21 seats.
Congress: 0-1 seat.

VDP Associates exit poll on Vote share projection
AAP: 48%
BJP: 40%
Congress: 6%
Others: 6%
Seat share forecast
AAP: 44-52 seats.
BJP: 18-26 seats.

NewsX-Neta exit poll
AAP : 53-57 seats.
BJP: 11-17 seats.
Congress: 0-2 seats.

ABP News-CVoter exit poll:
AAP : 49-63 seats.
BJP: 5-19 seats.
Congress: 0-4 seats.

It is to be noted that these are early exit poll numbers and could change as the day progresses based on total voter turnout across Delhi and in various constituencies.

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