Exit polls predict Modi return

Almost all of the exit polls predicted absolute majority for BJP-led NDA in the Lok Sabha Elections 2019 and Narendra Modi’s return to power. However, poll of polls has predicted that NDA will lose 46 seats, while UPA will gain 59 seats.

poll difference

According to an exit poll by Times Now-VMR, the NDA will win 306 of the 542 seats for which voting held in seven phases. Also Today’s Chanakya predicted 340 seats for NDA, 70 seats for UPA and 123 seats for others. Similarly, Republic TV-CVoter predicted 287 seats for NDA, 128 seats for UPA and 127 seats for other parties. However, as per ABP-CVoter, NDA will fall short of five seats for majority with 267 seats in their tally.

Meanwhile, for Assam, TIMES NOW-VMR predicted 8 seats for NDA, 3 seats for UPA and 3 for others. TODAY’s CHANAKYA predicted 10 seats for NDA, 3 seats for UPA and 1 for others. Similarly, TIMES NOW-CNX predicted 6 seats for NDA, 7 seats for UPA and 1 for others and NDTV predicted 9 seats for NDA, 4 seats for UPA and 1 for others.

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