Families name newborns ‘Abhinandan’


Vimlesh Bendara, a resident of Nihalpur in Dausa, Rajasthan was pregnant when she suddenly went into labour on Thursday morning. After being rushed to a nearby hospital, she welcomed her son at 3.30 am on Friday via C-section. Delighted at the new addition to their family, they named the infant Abhinandan after the IAF Wing Commander.

Vimlesh confessed to having watched the news and admired his valiance since his capture over the past few days. So when it was time to name their little one, ‘Abhinandan’ was a unanimous choice that the Bendara family echoed.

Similar emotions were echoed by a Rajasthani family in Alwar district. The family lives in Kishangarh bas of the region.

“My daughter-in-law delivered baby boy last evening and we named him Abhinandan in honour of the IAF pilot. We are proud of the pilot and therefore we named him (the baby) Abhinandan,” Janesh Bhutani, grandfather of the chid, told reporters.

Bhutani said all family members, including his daughter-in-law, were watching the news channel to keep up with the developments happening related with the wing commander. It was then his daughter-in-law went into labour.

On the other hand, at a function in New Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Saturday that the meaning of ‘Abhinandan’ will now change in the dictionary. “Earlier Abhinandan meant congratulations, but now after the grit and valour showed by the IAF it will mean ‘strength’.”


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