Family ostracized in Udalguri


In a dreadful incident in Udalguri district, a family has been ostracized from the society alleging that they have murdered their father.

The incident took place in Dimakuchi in Udalguri district on April 12 when one Khem Bahadur Bisht have died of consuming excess alcohol after which Bisht’s relatives alleged that his four sons have murdered their father. The relatives of Bisht have lodged an FIR after the incident following which police arrested the four sons. It was also very unfortunate that the four sons have also not been allowed to perform the rituals of their father.

However, the sons have been released from jail on bail but after they came back to their home, the villagers issued fatwa to the family. They have been excommunicated from the society and the villagers said that if anyone will try to communicate with them then they will have to pay a fine of Rs. 50,000. The villagers have even banned the child from the society saying that if anyone would take the child in their lap then they will have to pay for it.

The villagers have excommunicated the four sons from the society for 12 years when they were serving the jail term. The family has not only been excluded from the society but they have also been boycotted from fooding, lodging, business and even they banned the entry of the priests to their house to perform the shraddha ceremony of their family.

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