Farmer Paints Tiger Stripes On Dog


In an attempt to save their crops, Srikanth Gowda, a farmer in Karnataka has painted the fur of his dog to make it look like a tiger as monkeys damaging the crop has been a cause of distress to farmers.

The farmer decided to paint his dog to make him resemble a tiger. He told that the paint was hair dye and it lasted for over a month.

“Earlier I used to bring soft toys (of tigers) from Goa and place them in my fields to scare away the monkeys. But in the long run, the colour of the toy would fade and the monkeys would return and damage the crop,” he said, adding “Then I painted my dog Bulbul using hair dye to make him look like a tiger,” Mr Gowda told media.

JS Chidananda Gowda, another farmer from Kakkarasi village in Sorab taluk, plays the audio of a dog’s bark on a speaker to scare away the monkeys from his maize field.

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