Fish samples detected with Formalin in Guwahati


With instances of adulterated food items making headlines every now and then, reports of fish contaminated with Formalin in city’s markets have given rise to serious concern.

The samples procured by the Food Security Department, have brought to light the presence of Formalin in varieties of fish.

These samples of fish had been taken from the Lokhra fish market.

MLA Pijush Hazarika was present during the collection of the samples, during an operation by the department.

Formalin is known to cause irritation in the eyes, throat, skin and stomach. In the long run, continued exposure causes harm to the kidneys, liver and can even cause cancers.

According to experts, formalin helps keep fish fresh for a longer time. The solution is either sprayed on the fish or injected into the fish or the fish is dipped into the solution.

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