FSSAI Mandates Manufacturing & Expiry for Non-Packaged Sweets

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) have instructed all sweet shops to display the manufacturing date and the expiry date of non-packaged sweets. The department made it mandatory to display the dates at their shops from June 1 next.

The FSSAI, in an order, stated that it has received reports of stale sweets being sold to customers. In its statement, it said, “Instances have been reported of stale/expired sweets being sold to customers posing potential health hazards.”

The FSSAI, therefore, decided to make it mandatory for the sweet shops to showcase the manufacturing and expiry date of the sweets that are sold loose or non-packaged. “To ensure food safety for the interest of the public we have taken this decision and it will be effective from June 1, 2020,” said FSSAI statement.

FSSAI also said that food business operators (FBOs) should decide and display the ‘Best Before Date’ of sweets depending upon the nature of the product and local conditions.

Food Safety Commissioners of States and Union Territories are directed to ensure compliance to these directions, the order stated.

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