Gang Of 6 Youths Thrash 2 Traffic Police In Panbazar

A group of notorious youth reportedly attacked the traffic police of the Panbazar area in Guwahati on Saturday.

As per sources, the gang of 6 youths who attacked Panbazar traffic police has been arrested on the basis of a police FIR on Saturday.

According to sources, the traffic police of Panbazar asked one of the 6 arrested youths to stop after he was found riding a bike at a very high speed at night.

The youth came with his accomplice and thrashed two of the traffic police on duty.

The two beaten traffic police are identified as Ritupan Saikia, Panbazar Traffic Police and Utpal Gohain, Latasil Traffic Police.

One of the youths who beat the two traffic police is the son of a policeman from Panbazar police station in Guwahati.

The arrested youths are currently under interrogation at Panbazar police station.

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