Gautam Roy’s Joining in BJP Will Help Us: Laskar

Deputy Speaker of Assam Legislative Assembly Aminul Haque Laskar on Monday said that Gautam Roy’s joining in Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) would strengthen the party.

Laskar said that it has been realized by Roy that the Congress has withered and serving the people by staying in the party won’t be possible. He further stated that it is no doubt that Roy is an influential leader of this region and therefore, his joining in BJP would help the party.

Laskar also said that political leaders of the stature of a king were there during the regime of Congress but not in BJP adding that no one in BJP is a king or an emperor but rather each member is a soldier.

The Deputy Speaker also said that Roy also has to be committed towards its party as a worker and not as a king.

He said that Roy’s joining in the saffron party will help the party to win all the three legislative seats of Hailakandi in 2021 assembly elections.

It was further stated by Laskar that a time will come when there will be no one left in the Congress party to keep it up and running as the Congress leaders are joining the BJP adding that people would eventually forget that such party with the name of Indian National Congress existed at some times.

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