GNRC Presents Swasthya Mitra Excellence Awards


To bring healthcare closer to the public, especially to the ones living towards the bottom in the financial pyramid GNRC, first super specialty healthcare service provider in North East India, had launched the Affordable Health Mission (AHM) in 2017.

The mission has now spread to the corners of Assam and the region, thanks to the untiring efforts of the missionaries – Swasthya Mitra (Friend of Health) – who now number over 2,500, and has touched the lives of more than 10 million individuals.

Swasthya Mitra is a unique and ambitious initiative of GNRC. They are Community Health Workers who impart health education to the community and mentor them to apply these preventive health measures in their personal life, family life and as well as in their community lives.

To recognize and honour their contribution to this immense achievement, GNRC on Sunday organized the Second Swasthya Mitra Excellence Awards programme, at the GMC Auditorium, attended by over a 1400 Swasthya Mitras (SMs). A total of 83 Swasthya Mitras received medals and certificates for their consistent month to month performances. Social icons Madhurima Choudhury, Mahendra Hazarika, Jina Rajkumari and Krishnamoni Chutia were present in the event as Guests of Honour.

Concluding his address, Dr. Nomal Chandra Borah, Founder-GNRC & Affordable Health Mission said: “I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all my colleagues, media in Assam and every member of the community in helping us progress towards our vision – Health for All, Smiles for All. The milestone cannot be possible without the continuous efforts and dedication shown by entire GNRC family.”

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