Gohpur Doctor Escapes Attack By Angry Mob Of Around 200

A doctor in Gohpur narrowly escaped an attack by an angry mob of over 200 people. The incident took place at Nirmali Tea Estate of Gohpur on Friday, around 4.20 pm. The survivor has been identified as Dr. Simanta Baruah.

Reportedly, the doctor would have been attacked by the- labourers of the tea garden.

As told by Dr. Simanta Baruah, a group of around 200 angry mobs came looking for him in his bungalow aggressively demanding why people in the tea garden were being tested positive for cornavirus. in the tea garden.

Dr. Baruah said that his was because of the lack of information regarding Covid-19 among the labourers in the Tea Garden.

As per reports, Dr. Simanta was not at his home when the mobs came to attack him at his bungalow with sharp weapons in their hands.

His wife said, “I was alone at the bunglow when around 200 people came looking for my husband. I called him and requested not to come out or he would be killed by these people. He was at his office at that time. I was so scared seeing such a huge crowd of angry mobs but had to stay calm as my husband’s life was at stake.”

She further added, “When the rain started pouring and the crowd slowly thinned up, I called up two boys from the medical and asked them to bring the car. I and my husband somehow managed to get out of the tea garden as soon as possible.

Dr. Simanta Baruah and his wife are currently staying at a relative’s place. He has also resigned from his post in the Nirmali Tea Garden.

Meanwhile, an FIR has been registered at the Gohpur Police Station and an investigation is underway.

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