Goof-up in APSC Prelims


The Assam Public Service Commission(APSC) is not only back in the news but also for the same mistakes as they made a severe error in evaluating the Prelims examination.

The ‘answer key’, which is the reference point for the evaluator of the APSC exams, is found to be ridden with mistakes, raising severe apprehensions over the basis on which the results of the Prelims were prepared.

A worried APSC released now two lists of successful candidates once their mistake was found out and deprived candidates were threatening to go to the court and stalling the whole process.

The APSC on March 13, announced a list of 3500 candidates in the prelims on March 13 and then again another 406 candidates have announced after some of the aggrieved candidates got access to the ‘answer key’ through RTI and found several answers in the ‘answer key’ itself to be wrong.

The APSC, admitting their mistake, has included another 406 new candidates to cover up the matter. But the bigger question is that how can candidates who had given wrong answers get away and make it to the Mains,” an aggrieved candidate told this reporter.

Questions are now being asked as to how the 3,500 candidates could be cleared at the first place if there were serious gaps in the evaluation process and there was a series of mistakes in the ‘answer key’ itself, which is the reference point of evaluating the OMR (optical mark recognition) sheets.

The faux pas on the part of the APSC has irked the deserving candidates who have now threatened to move the Gauhati High Court over the issue.

“If you go through the ‘answer key’, which we have received through RTI application, it is clear that the OMR answer sheets were evaluated based on a wrong ‘answer key’.

 “Further, many candidates have not been included for the Mains despite providing representation showing that they deserve to cut,” sources pointed out.

The APSC is however tightlipped with the whole issue.

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