Google doodle celebrates India’s 72nd independence with ‘truck art’


Google celebrates India’s 72nd independence with a doodle inspired from the art generally seen on Indian trucks. Truck art is a popular form of decoration on trucks seen in various South Asian countries including India and Pakistan. The patterns include elaborate floral designs and calligraphy and other ornamental decors such as mirror work and wooden carvings on truck doors.

Google said  “Today’s Doodle –featuring images of India’s iconic colourful plant life and mighty animals-was inspired by Indian truck art, a long –standing tradition in this four million square kilometer nation where truckers who live on the road surround themselves with cheerful folk art to occupy their minds during long months away from their families.”

The tech giant in its Google Doodle twitter handle scribed, “Kites fly, elephants march, & lotus flowers bloom. Happy National Day, India!”. To read tweet click on the link here.

The doodle depicts a Bengal tiger, an elephant and two peacocks, which is a typical truck art seen on Indian roads. The doodle also displays India’s national fruit, mango on the top. The national flower is also featured in the doodle which is placed in the centre with the backdrop of a sun rising.

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