Government is working on a formula to ease fuel prices, says Amit Shah

At a time when an alarming rise in petrol-diesel prices is creating chaos in the entire nation, BJP President Amit Shah has said that petrol and diesel prices could soon come down as the government is working on a plan to ease fuel prices as early as possible.

“The government is taking the matter of oil prices seriously. Petroleum minister will have a meeting with the officials of the oil companies. We are trying to work out a formula to reduce the prices in the next three to four days”, said Shah.

Talking to the press in New Delhi on Tuesday evening, he has alleged that there are market forces involved behind the rising fuel prices. Shah also stated that retail price of fuel is linked with the international market and that the recent rise in petrol-diesel price is largely due to the changing geopolitical situation.

Indian Oil Corporation Chairman Sanjeev Singh believes that the hike in crude oil prices in the international market post the US sanctions on Iran is responsible for rise in domestic fuel prices.

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