Guwahati: Around 200 Faculty Posts Lying Vacant in Cotton University

Large numbers of posts for Professors and Associate Professors are lying vacant at Cotton University. It is very unfortunate that even after repeated advertisements have been published to fill up the vacant posts, no suitable applications have been received in an institution like Cotton University.

According to a source in Cotton University, a total of 443 posts are there in the university out of which 244 posts are under the college while 199 posts are of the university. “We have published advertisements for the university posts of faculties. The university can’t advertise for the posts which were under ‘Cotton College’ as those posts are under State Government authority. In the first round already 50-60 faculties have joined in the university but we have not received suitable applications for the advertisements published in the second round,” the source added.

The source further informed that there are still 40-50 posts lying vacant for Professors and Associate Professors but they have not received applications even after repeated advertisements. “The posts under Cotton College State University ( CCSU) which are vacant can’t be filled up by the university as we have not received any order from the government. We can publish the advertisement of the college posts only when it will be sanctioned by the government. The recruitment of college posts was earlier done by the APSC and the university recruitment is done by the university itself. The college posts are gazetted posts while the university posts are non-gazetted,” the source added.

In order to get the recruitment done, the university must be confident enough to fill up the vacancies. Earlier, the state government used to fund for the payment of salary for the faculties but now the university has to pay the faculties and the fund comes from admission fees, sports fees, etc. which is not enough. The University Grants Commission (UGC) funded for the universities and the NAAC visit is important to get the benefits but the Cotton University is not ready for NAAC visit due to lack of infrastructure.

When asked if Cotton University can generate posts, the source said that it cannot generate posts of their own. “The government can create posts only when the university approaches for it after which the finance department has to provide the fund for it. The university is now running with the strength of faculties from the college,” the source added.

According to reports, the vacancies have not yet been filled as the Cotton university didn’t receive any applications. “The Associate Professors or Professors of the Tezpur University or any other university don’t want to come here as they have settled in their respective places. The name doesn’t matter to them whether Cotton or any other university as they get the same pay scale. Once settled, they don’t want to move and therefore we have not received any application,” the source further informed.

Around 200 posts in the university including the college posts and CCSU posts are lying vacant and the government has to take the initiative to convert the college posts to the university posts.

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