GUWAHATI | Daytime Divider Construction causing huge traffic jams


The Construction work should have been carried out at nights but that has not been happening.

Well, one of the most common and irritating problems that one faces in the Capital city of the state (Assam) is getting caught in traffic jams.

The daily commuting on the roads of Guwahati (Mainly GS Road, Zoo Road and AT Road) is becoming longer and more grueling day-by-day, depicting the failure of public transportation infrastructure to keep pace with the growing developing activities in the Capital city.

Sad, but true, one of the fastest growing and developed cities of the nation, Guwahati, is also renowned for all the wrong reasons. The worsening traffic congestion on GS road presents a depressing profile of the state Capital city.

The Road divider construction works being carried out by PWD in haphazard manner and even during the rush hours have been causing massive traffic jams in the city.

Gakul Bora, a local bus driver who operates on Khanapara-Jalukbari route said these haphazard efforts to improve the city’s dividers have made his work extremely difficult due to constant traffic jams and long delays.

Niharika Deka, a local said her commute over the past few days have been extremely longer. “Although traffic jams during office hours are common, travel over the past few days have been particularly tedious,” she said. “I spent an hour to reach Sixmile from Ulubari, which is merely 7 kilometer distance”.

Prakash Paudel, another commuter said it took him 50 minutes to reach Paltanbazar from Ganeshguri as construction work was underway along the route. According to him it would normally takes less than 20 minutes.

The repair work should have been carried out at nights but that has not been happening. City traffic police is doing its best to ensure smoother vehicular movement.

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