Guwahati: DC Bungalow Converted to Brahmaputra River Heritage Centre

The iconic DC Bungalow in Guwahati has been converted to Brahmaputra River Heritage Centre which is soon to be opened for the public.

The British-era building in Guwahati which has been renovated at the cost of Rs. 9crore is almost complete and has been upgraded as one of the most beautiful tourist sites in the city.

The old bungalow of the Deputy Commissioner of Kamrup (M) on the banks of the River Brahmaputra will soon bear the heritage of the city and house indigenous handloom products.

The bungalow was set up by the British and has witnessed various events in history, spanning years of the struggle for independence and the years after Independence when the bungalow was the official residence of the DC.

The bungalow is among one of the integral heritage structures that reflect the history of the city and its adjoining topography.

The government decided to restore the bungalow in 2012 which had gone into dereliction and to preserve it by transforming it into a heritage centre.

The entire stretch of the river has been divided into 11 zones of which the zone between Nilachal Hills and Raj Bhawan is being prioritized because of its historical, social and economic importance.  

The Heritage Centre, once opened will be one of the most beautiful tourists site in the city. Tourists flock into the city round the year and this will be a added tourist site which will attract a good number of visitors.

Here are some snapshots from the Bungalow which has been renovated:

jyotika 2
The lawn inside the premises of the DC Bungalow
Another snapshot from the renovated bungalow
jyotika 4
The entrance into the Heritage Centre
The beautiful view of the Heritage Centre on the banks of the River Brahmaputra

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