GUWAHATI: Druk Air Passenger Enjoys an Entire Plane All to Himself


With full flights acting as the atypical these days, imagine the shock if a passenger boarded a flight and were the only passenger.

That’s exactly what happened this afternoon on a Druk Airline operated flight between Guwahati and Singapore with just one passenger on-board.

You may be wondering why the flight wasn’t just cancelled since there’s no chance that flying one passenger from Singapore to Guwahati was remotely profitable. There are a number of reasons the airline didn’t take that route as the government of India on Thursday said that no international flights shall be allowed to land in India for one week from March 22.

This Druk Air KB541 flight is the only international flight that connects Paro via Guwahati to Singapore.

According to the health ministry website, the latest death has been reported from Punjab which had two positive cases of COVID-19. The total number of infected cases in the country has jumped to 167 as per the latest data released by the ministry.

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