Guwahati once again reels under artificial floods


One heavy downpour this morning has led to artificial floods engulfing most of the busy areas of Guwahati.

The areas that have been submerged by the water are Ambari, Ulubari, Down Town, Chandmari, Zoo-Road, Hengrabari and Last Gate among others.

The floods have created a chaotic situation in various areas leading to severe traffic jam at the peak hour.

The Ambari Lamb Road has been completely submerged in the artificial floods. Even the state capital Dispur has not been spared of the plight.

On the other hand, due to the ongoing road construction works, several potholes has been created on the main roads as well as by-lanes. The ongoing work has also posed as a threat to life as there are potruding rods somewhere while at other places uncovered manholes.

This issue of artificial floods is anything but new for the city dwellers. The lack of proper drainage system has time and again reminded the government as well as the people of the plight during the rainy season.

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