Guwahati: Water ATMs Turn Into Showpiece


The Assam Government has launched a number of water ATMs in Guwahati as a part of the Smart City Mission but it seems that Guwahati will never be a smart city as the projects that have been taken for smart city failed one by one.

As the state is reeling under severe heat wave, people quenched their thirst by drinking cold water, coconut water, ice-cream and some people only rely on water. Although many people buy cold mineral water but there are still many who cannot even afford to buy a 10rupees water bottle to quench their thirst. For such people, the government has installed water ATMs in different places in the city so that people can buy a glass of water in just Re.1 but the facility seems to be for only some days as now the ATMs don’t even work.

The government has launched the water ATM scheme with Rs. 1.16crore but the money is sheer waste as now the ATMs are lying disabled in the areas. The water ATMs were being installed at Assam state Zoo premises, one in front of MahendraMohan Choudhury Hospital at Panbazaar, near Nabagraha temple, Fancy Bazaar among others. But now none of the water ATMs is functional and people who ride rickshaw, bus, who does labour work have to search for a glass of water in this severe heat wave.

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