Guwahati zoo first to breed ‘Hargila’

In a first-ever experiment of its kind, the Assam State Zoo cum Botanical Garden has attained a landmark achievement by successfully hatching a pair of Greater Adjutant chicks in an artificial platform. The entire process was carried out within the zoo premises.

“This has happened for the first time in a Zoo. Before this we don’t have any report that this endangered bird has bred in any zoo or any captivity,” said an official of the Assam State Zoo.

The storks, known as ‘hargilla’ in the Assamese language, were shunned before because of their smelly droppings, noisy calls and messy eating habits. But Purnima Devi Barman led a campaign to rehabilitate the species and its reputation in recent years.

“When we tried to replicate the idea of an artificial platform from my project, many experts commented that it won’t be possible. But the support of Zoo team was so encouraging and I was confident that we will be successful soon,” Purnima recently tweeted.

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