Hajela as ‘Mahishasura’ in Silchar  


The Northeast Linguistic and Ethnic Coordination Committee (NELECC) staged a symbolic protest against the NRC Assam Coordinator Prateek Hajela on the day of the ‘Mahalaya’ at Sadarhaat in Silchar today and leveled him as the ‘Mahishasura’ (Demon) of the state.

The NELECC activists also alleged that NRC is a process to divide the people of Assam. “There are people in the state who have been plotting a conspiracy in the name of NRC and break Assam into pieces”.

The reason behind the anger of the NELECC could be attributed to Mr Hajela’s suggestion of reduced number of documents for verification. Mr Hajela suggested 10 documents instead of the accepted 15 documents while preparing the Standard Operating procedure (SOP) of the revision of the 40 lakh names excluded in the ongoing NRC process.

According to Hindu mythology, ‘Mahishasura’ was part demon and part buffalo. Mahishasura meditated for thousands of years so he could please Lord Brahma and in return be blessed with immortality and power.

Armed with this boon, Mahishasura considered himself immortal, as no man or God could lay hands on him. He went berserk. In his rage and pride, he practically destroyed the Earth. The lands were soon covered in his darkness and his massacres were widespread. Not only that, he chased away the Gods out of heaven.

Devi Durga battled Mahishasura for ten whole days. After which she managed to chop off his head with her sword. At last, the balance of life was restored. Life came bouncing back on the trees, rivers, skies and the heavens.

To celebrate this victory, devotees of Maa Durga perform Durga Puja every year and remember the great heroics shown by Goddess Durga.



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