Heptulla becomes first governor to cast vote


Manipur Governor Najma Heptulla today became the first governor of the state to have casted her vote in the state on the second phase of Parliamentary elections.

Heptulla had earlier moved her voting constituency to the state capital town of Imphal from her previous constituency in Delhi and now is enrolled in the voter list of Sagolband assembly Constituency.

After casting her vote at the polling station based at TG Higher Secondary school,Heptulla told media that “we have to give vote at where we live” adding “no one should waste their vote.”

She also said casting vote is a right given by the Constitution and “is part of nation building” and having a strong government.

She reminded unlike in some countries where women has to fight for casting vote, “the Constitution provides adult franchise to both men and women.”

Meanwhile, election officials have informed that till 9 am this morning, the poll percentage stands at around 14.

928626 voters including 480751 women voters will cast their votes at 1300 polling stations for the Inner Manipur Parliamentary seat, officials said.

Ms Heptulla said that the right to franchise is very valuable and all sections should vote for their representatives.

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