Nagaon welcomes their champion

Assam’s Golden Girl finally reached home. Amid utmost enthusiasm, people of Nagaon had decorated the way leading to her home with welcome gates and banners.

The Nagaon district administration and Nagaon Sports Association organised a felicitation event at the, Nurul Amin Stadium.

The felicitation on Tuesday was attended by Minister of State for Railways, Rajen Gohain, Assam’s Water resources minister, Keshab Mahanta and a number or organizations of the district.

Speaking to the people at the event, Hima said, “I have not come to Assam to be felicitated, I came here for love and your blessings. After nagaon , I will take blessings from Dhing. From Tomorrow onwards I will be at home. After two days I will again have to go to start my training.”

“I have received many gamusas, so I have asked ‘Bordeuta’ (uncle) to build a room to keep them safely. I am going to make gamusa famous abroad”, she added.

Hima has also urged the Government to build a stadium so that upcoming sports talents can develop their skills. She has also called upon the people to encourage sportsperson to take them forward.

From Guwahati, she was taken by a huge cavalcade and was felicitated on her way. The first stop was in Sonapur and then at Jagiroiad and all along the road, there were large number of welcome arcade.

Later she will visit Bordowa Than. In fact she would get only a night to stay at her home as she would be flying back to resume her training at Patiala on Wednesday. Already the AFI has relieved her from the Continental cup as they felt that she should be given rest as she was running literally non stop from March,  Commonwealth games at Gold Coast.

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