Hima yet to return to serious training, uncertain for Doha

Assam Govt. Appeals to Hima's parents


Assam Government has appealed to Hima Das’s parents not to make her homesick and so that she can focus on her sports rather than wasting tie at Guwahati in non-sporting activities and stay trained at NIS Patiala.

Mr. Lakhya Konwar, the member secretary of the Assam Sports and Youth Welfare Board. Have expressed displeasure in the role of the family and feel that only a disciplined life of Hima will improve her chance of doing well in the future. This is noteworthy that it was Mr Lakhya Konwar who has been supporting Hima Das on behalf of Assam Government providing all support and care.

Hima Das has been in Guwahati and avoiding serious training at NIS, Patiala and it has raised not only eyebrows amongst the sports establishment, Indian Athletic Federation of India as well as her fans also. In fact day after the 3rd Indian Grand Prix, she returned from Snagur, Punab to the comfort of Guwahati where she has been doing light training.

Mr. Konwar also informed that Indian Athlete bosses like Lalit Bhanot were quite unhappy for wasting one month time by Hima in the name of her Board exam. “In fact, we are also opposed to her coming home and appear for the exam. We approached the Higher Secondary council and they were proactive to help Hima when she decided on her own to come and appear exam” said Mr Konwar.

Home has avoided the first two Indian Grand Prix and in the third, she clocked 55.09 seconds and finished fourth. Now she will appear in the Federation cup in his month and other international events in Doha next month. However, Hima has not made her mind whether to run in Doha or not.

But her continued presence in Guwahati and in fact moving around I social occasion has raised questions about her motivation, discipline. She has a huge advertising contract, a Padmashri and a job came in a very short span of time of just 7 months and public adulation after that is actually disturbing the mind of the young girl, said senior Sports Journalist Pulin Saha, hoping that she would return back to coaching.

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