“I am with BJP, cases meaningless” : Garlosa

Amidst controversy surrounded on Dima Hasao Hills Autonomous Council chief Debolal Gorlosa for his alleged involvement in killing of two prominent Congress leaders in hills district of Dima Hasao , Garlosa has said that cases or allegations made against him by opposition are all meaningless as he is with BJP , the ruling party both at Centre and state.
“ When I joined BJP , the cases registered against me and allegations leveled against me by opposition are all meaningless”, reportedly said Garlosa in local Dimasa language in a public function held at Haflong recently.
Garlosa is currently the CEM ( Chief Executive Member) of the Dima Hasao district autonomous council. The council is being ruled by BJP.
The Dima Hasao district’s autonomous council chief dismissed allegations made against him by several EM ( Executive Member)s of the district council and opposition Congress.

Miput Raijung alias Action Dimasa in his affidavit stated that CEM Debolal Gorlosa alias Daniel Dimasa was involved in killing of Nindu Langthasa.
In the affidavit, Action Dimasa stated that Debolal Garlosa alias Daniel Dimasa, the present CEM of the district council led by the BJP was involved in the killing of Nindu Langthasa. On the other hand, “DHD cadres had killed Purnendu” and Action was witness to the killing. As soon as this affidavit submitted in the court was made public sensation prevailed in the entire district.
Both Debolal Garlosa and Action Dimasa were with now disbanded DHD ( Dima Hasao Daugah- Jewel faction) , a militant outfit in the hills district. After surrendered arms , cadres of the outfit joined politics.- some with Congress and some with BJP.
The opposition Congress has demanded dissolution of the council and arrest of the current CEM of the district council.

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