IAS officers leaving Assam in droves, administration stressed


The IAS officers are leaving Assam in droves, putting the Assam administration in tight spots stressing the workload of existing officers and reducing the efficiency as decision making progress has become longer.

As many as 7 IAS officers have given representation to Assam Government for deputation and that has sent Chief Minister Office (CMO) in to a tizzy.

The latest batch of seven officers who has sought a deputation are Ajay Shankar Tiwari, Ashutosh Agnihotri, KK Dwivedi, Aruna Rajoriya, Vinod Seshan, JVN Subramanyam and Shyam Jagannathan.

It is suspected that tough work schedule and zero tolerance on corruption has forced these officers to seek for a comfortable position outside Assam. But in that proses the decision making system has got destabilized and as a result more responsibilities have been thrust on reduced number of officers.

However a source in the CMO denounced the stress, saying that 10-15% of bureaucracy always remain in deputation and it is not surprising. “Some will go and some will come. The overall strength remains more or less same” he said.

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