IIT-G Students’ Stage Protest against Termination of Professor


The students of Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati (IIT-G) has staged a protest march ‘Hallabol’ against the suspension of a Professor Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering Dr. B K Rai.

Hundreds of students have staged the protest against the suspension of the professor as he raised voice against the massive irregularities that have been taken place in the institute. “The Professor has always raised his voice against corruption that is going on in the institute and since many days he was protesting against the irregularities in the institute for which he has been suspended. But we won’t let it happen and therefore, we demanded that his suspension should be withdrawn,” said one of the protestors.

In a YouTube video uploaded by a research student at IIT G, Vikrant Singh,   Rai alleges that there has been corruption in various cases and also in terms of staff selection.

“In one year, about 50 people were illegally employed”, he alleged in the video.

The students also alleged that the Director of the institution TG Sitharam recently spent 40 lakhs on his bungalow and office, which includes exorbitant costs such as Rs 1.8 Lakhs for a table.

Professor Rai also wrote a letter to the Chief of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) recently against the corruption in the institute and therefore, he has been suspended from his service.

The students have taken out a protest rally by taking candlelight in their hands and demanded that the suspension of the professor should be withdrawn immediately.

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