Imran Khan Regrets on Joining US After 9/11


Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has called his country has done one of the biggest blunders by joining the US in its war on terrorism in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.

In an event at the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) think tank in New York, the Pakistan PM said, “Pakistan by joining the US after 9/11 committed one of the biggest blunders. 70,000 Pakistanis died in this. Some economists say we had 150 billion, some say 200 billion loss to the economy. On top of it, we were blamed for the US not winning in Afghanistan.”

The PM said that the very groups that were trained to fight Soviet resistance in Afghanistan in the 1980s were deemed as terrorists by the US. He further said that the insurgent groups were indoctrinated that fighting foreign occupation is Jihad. But now when the US arrived in Afghanistan, it was supposed to be terrorism.  

Khan also acknowledged that his country’s army and spy agency Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) trained al Qaeda and other militant groups to fight in Afghanistan and therefore, there were always links with them because they had trained them.

While interacting with reporters along with US President Donald Trump, Pakistan PM also remarked about the Kashmir issue before their meeting on the side lines of the UN General Assembly session. He said that it’s a humanitarian issue. “If you were to meet Modi now, I would have asked to at least lift the siege,” said Khan.

He further said, “I honestly feel that this crisis would get worse.”

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