“India Trying To Overthrow My Government” – Nepal PM


Saying that India was upset with Nepal’s territorial assertion, PM of Nepal, K.P. Oli reportedly said on Sunday that plans were being made in India to overthrow his government.

Speaking at a gathering at his official residence, Oli, as reported by The Hindu, highlighted the meetings that were happening in India against Nepal’s decision to change its map.

He added that the nationalism of Nepal was not weak, and if the PM was toppled, that would be “unthinkable” to Nepal. In a veiled reference to India, he said that some consider Nepal’s decision to change its map a crime.

Earlier, on Juine 13, Nepal’s new map got a constitutional status when the bill was finally passed by the lower house of the Nepal ‘s parliament. India has taken exception to this as the new map claims several areas of India as belonging to Nepal.  

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