India’s Economy Reduces Drastically: Ripun Bora


Assam Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) President Ripun Bora on Wednesday said that the country’s economy has gone down drastically.

Addressing a press conference at Rajiv Bhawan, Bora said that the GDP has reduced to 5.8 per cent and that the inflation has risen to 3.2 percent in nine months.

In the automobile industry, 23.5 percent economy has been decreased while there has been a decrease in granting loan by 5.1 percent.

Moreover, Bora informed that there has been also been a decrease in the new investment by 79.1 percent and that 30% of the new projects which has been started by the BJP-led government have been closed down while 1.3 million flats are lying vacant without being sold in 30 cities.

Talking about the BSNL, Post Offices and LIC, Bora said that these departments are running in huge loss.

It may be stated that, the Indian economy has been reduced up to 8% since June 2019 and it is the lowest rate among last 5 years which came down to 5.8% in between of January-March.

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