Initiative to revive production of new Vrindabani Vastra in Assam

In a major step, an initiative has been taken to revive and restore production of the historic Vrindabani Vastra in Assam which has now been extinct in the State.

Under the guidance of Majuli’s Dakhinpat Satra Satradhikar Nani Gopal Devgoswami Assam will again witness production of the valuable Vrindabani Vastra.

In a important meeting at Guwahati’s Shanti Ashram, it was decided that Srimanta Sankardev’s legacy will be taken forward. Through the initiative, more people of this generation and generations to come will get to know about and utilize the Vrindabani Vastra.

The new Vrindabani Vastra will be produced from local Muga and silk.

Vrindavani Vastra is a drape woven by Assamese weavers during 16th century under the guidance of Srimanta Sankardeva. The large drape illustrates the childhood activities of Lord Krishna in Vrindavan.

However, parts of the original Vrindavani vastra are presently owned by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and Musee Guimet (the Guimet Museum) in Paris.

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