Is Assam Winning the Coronavirus Fight?


After being a cause of serious concern for almost half a year, the COVID-19 scenario of Assam seems to have become less menacing.

If the latest figures and charts published by NHM are anything to go by, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that the state has made a remarkable improvement in the sphere of “positivity rate” in a span of just 6 days.

Source – NHM

While the government has gone past the 1 lakh COVID-19 tests mark for the second day in a row on September 29, the positivity rate – determined by dividing the number of positive cases by the total number of tests on a given day – has shown a relative as well as striking decline.

Source – NHM

Just 6 days back, that is to say, on September 24, the positivity rate was much higher at 7.21%. In a dramatic fashion, the rate dwindled to 3.03% on September 28 and further ebbed to 2.67 on September 29. While the total tests conducted on the first of these two dates were 120156, those conducted on the second date were 134570.

Source – NHM

As much encouraging as the stats are, they also might tempt many of us into wondering if Assam has crossed the peak. Is COVID-19 petering out in the state? Are these figures a harbinger of good times ahead? All of us would like to believe in the affirmative.        

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