Is India’s Cyber Crime Portal Efficient Enough?


Cyber crime is one of the most common crimes in recent times. The Union Ministry last year launched a portal for filing cyber crime related complaints namely the ‘National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal’.

During its launch, the Prime Minister had announced that he was keen on such a portal that would take swift action in order to curb cyber crime in the country.

The purpose of the portal was to ensure that the victims of such crimes be given receive justice through direct filing of complaints on the website. However, the lack of publicity and awareness, technical difficulties as well as reports of no tracking number or complaint number being issued to the complainant have been evident as per the reviews in online information guide ‘Vikaspedia’.

Some of the complainants have also commented that the confidentiality of the complaint is not protected. Complaints of emails being hacked by an unknown force were also lodged in the portal. Various people therefore have called for vigilance in the security and privacy of the portal.

Moreover, the portal is still not as popular as it should be in Assam with less awareness and inadequate publicity.

Due to such shortcomings, the portal has garnered many negative reviews and hence requires active monitoring to fix various technical difficulties and problems faced by the complainants.

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