Is Supreme Court Also Involved In Rigging: Udit Raj


Questioning Supreme Court’s decision to not count all VVPAT slips, Congress leader and former North West Delhi MP Udit Raj on Wednesday twitted by asking if the apex court is also involved in rigging, triggering an unwanted controversy right a day before the counting of votes to the 16th Lok Sabha polls on Thursday, May 23.

“Why does Supreme Court not want that all VVPAT are counted? Is it also involved in the rigging? When all government work is subdued for almost three months due to the electoral process, why does it matter if it takes another 2-3 days in the counting of votes,” the former BJP leader twitted.

The controversial tweet came after the Supreme Court dismissed a PIL seeking 100 per cent matching of Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) slips with Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) during the counting of votes.

The former MP, later in a tweet, said, “When 22 parties went to SC asking for an increase in the number of VVPAT slips being counted, SC rejected it saying it’ll cause a delay. Election process continues for 3 months hampering development work, so what is the big deal if it takes 1-2 days more? I’m not levelling allegations on the Supreme Court, I’m only raising concerns.”

It may be mentioned here that on Tuesday Udit Raj said that the 16th Lok Sabha election was conducted in 7 phases so that BJP could switch every EVM and ensure its victory.

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