Itanagar: Four Members of a Family Burnt to Death


Four members of family charred to death in Gohpur, Itanagar after a ferocious fire broke out at their house on early Saturday morning.

A couple along with their two daughters lost their lives when their house caught fire in Dokoiso Colony, Gohpur near Hotel Bomdila in the early hours this morning, said a police official.

The deceased have been identified as Ha Tasang aged 35 yrs (Husband), Ha Yaning aged 30 yrs (Wife) and their daughter Ha Yapi, 8 and Ha Yama,  6 years old. The family hails from Pipsorang, Tali.

The Police & fire service reached the spot within less than an hour despite very narrow, zigzag hilly roads and prevented the fire from spreading to other houses, Itanagar SP Tumme Amo told reporters.

A tempo was also completely burnt down in the fire. The cause of the fire is not yet known.

SPT house of Sorang  Tapung was also partially damaged and his son Sorang Taro’s MIBT house too burnt down completely.

However, police confirmed that no foul play suspected by the relatives of the deceased & neighbours.

According to police, a case has been registered and an investigation is on to know the cause of the fire and ascertain the loss of properties.

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