Jahnabi, Pranamoy sent to 10-day Police custody


The arrested Assamese actress Jahnabi Saikia Das and pro-talk ULFA member Pranamoy Rajguru have been sent to 10-day police custody, after they were produced before court on Friday.

Speaking to media, advocate Bhaskar Dev Konwar said, “Both Jahnabi and Pranamoy were given 10-day police custody. They have been arrested in connection with two cases; one is case no 147/2019 registered at the Satgaon Police Station and the other one is case no 210/2019 registered at the Geetanagar Police Station.”

Notably, both Jahnabi and Pranamoy were arrested by the police on Thursday after hours of interrogation at Jahnabi’s house in Panjabari. Both were arrested in connection with Wednesday grenade blast in Guwahati.

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