Joe Biden Close to Become US 46th President


Democrat Candidate Joe Biden is on the verge of electing the 46th President of the US, in one of the most closely fought elections in the recent past. Biden said that the voting numbers tell a clear and convincing story that the Democrats are going to win the Presidential race. In his address to the nation, he said that people have given the mandate to the Democratic Party to take action on COVID, Economy, Climate change, and systemic racism.

Biden asked everyone to remain calm and patient and urged people to let the process take its course as the votes are still being counted in key states including Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, Arizona and North Carolina, reported All India Radio.

Earlier, Democrats registered a significant lead in the crucial state of Pennsylvania. The party has also been able to gain lead in the traditionally Republican stronghold state of Georgia. Joe Biden is currently leading with 253 electoral votes whereas incumbent President and Republican Party candidate Donald Trump stands at 213 electoral votes, the report of AIR said.

Democrats have already managed to flip Wisconsin and Michigan in this Presidential Election. Georgia with 16 electoral votes and Pennsylvania with 20 electoral votes will give Biden a substantial lead in the race to the White House. Democratic Party is also leading in Arizona and Nevada.

Amidst the ongoing counting process, Republican Candidate Donald Trump has challenged the lengthy process of counting mail ballots across many key states. Raising serious allegations, the Trump campaign team has also filed legal suits against the process in the States of Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Arizona among others.

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