Karbi Anglong: Huge Scam Reported in Four-lane Project


There has been a massive land acquisition compensation scams in the name of ambitious four-laning project in the Dimapur-Assam portion in Karbi Anglong as the names of legitimate landowners have been deleted, new fake dag numbers created and vast amounts of funds have been released as compensation from the National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (NHIDCL) have been allegedly diverted towards ghost names.

The four-lane project of Dimapur-Assam will cover a stretch of 14 kilometers, where large-scale financial irregularities vis-à-vis land acquisition compensation has come to the fore. While many original land owners have been left out of the final list of beneficiaries, a number of fictitious names have crept in.

According to reports, many revenue department staffs including mandals and mouzadars have allegedly replaced the names of original land owners by their own names to divert the compensation amount, which may run into crores of rupees.

General Secretary of Land Owners Committee of Karbi Anglong District T Andrew said, “Not just one or two, as many as nine mandals and mouzadars have inserted their names in the list of beneficiaries by leaving out the original land owners. We want the higher authorities to make field verification. I can guarantee that not a single fake beneficiary would be able to identify the land they are claiming to be theirs.”

It was further alleged that one of the mandals issued three cheques worth Rs. 3.3 lakh approximately, Rs. 1.90 lakh and Rs. 2.29 lakh approximately from his personal account in lieu of the compensation money due that was supposed to be much higher.

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