Landslide Injures Two in Guwahati


Continuous downpour over the past few days has triggered massive landslide in Gorchuk and Deepor Beel where two persons were severely injured. The injured Narayan Shah of Gorchuk has been admitted to Gauhati Medical College and Hospital (GMCH).

The landslide occurred when a huge stone from the hill has fallen into the house of Narayan Shah.

On the other hand, another person named Nirmal Das has been severely injured when gigantic stones have fallen into the house of Hemanta Das and Jiten Das at Matiapar, Notunbasti area in Deepor Beel.

The haphazard human activity like wanton earth cutting leads to downslope movement of rocks, debris and earth under the influence of gravity and also triggers processes like heavy rain, storms, cyclones, floods, earthquake etc. The sudden movement of materials causes excessive damage to the downward settlement. If haphazard, unscientific and unplanned earth cutting and earth filling are allowed to continue unhindered in the city it may cause catastrophe, mishap and calamity of great magnitude in this district putting the public in general in situation of great inconvenience and hardship.

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