Linguistic Minorities Being Harassed: MSUA

The Muslim Students’ Union of Assam (MSUA) on Thursday alleged that the linguistic minorities have been harassed in the name of NRC.

Addressing a press conference here in Guwahati, the students’ union said that they have supported the entire process of NRC which is going on under the supervision of Supreme Court. They said that if anyone would be left out of the final list of NRC after submitting the valid documents then they will not accept the error. They also said that they will also not accept if any foreigners’ name will be included in the final NRC.

The students’ union said that 70 people have to lose their life in the name of NRC while they went for hearing and the state government has not even taken any initiative for the deceased family. They alleged that the linguistic minorities have been targeted and that they have been called for hearing today also, one day ahead of the final publication of the NRC.

The union also alleged that NRC Coordinator Prateek Hajela have made his own rules and regulations and has done the work according to his wish. They further alleged that in whatever way the hearing process is taking place, the new documents will not even be handed over to Hajela on August 31. It is doubtful whether the NRC will be a correct one or not if this continues.

Talking about Shiladitya Dev, the MSUA said that whether he is a genuine Indian citizen or not is doubtful. They also said that the greatest enemy of Assam is Shiladitya Dev.

The students’ union further claims that there were no Bangladeshi in the state earlier and there will not be in future also.

Talking about the high level committee for implementing Clause 6 of the Assam Accord, the MSUA said that they are doubtful of the committee and demanded that there should be one representative from the linguistic minority in the committee.

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