Unknown youths attacked locals in Nagaon

Triggering sensation, a mob lynching has taken place at the Deuri Gaon region in Tulashimukh, Nagaon on Monday night.

As per reports, a group of unknown youths have attacked the locals without any question. It has been alleged by the locals that, a group of youths approximately 15 members have been there in the house for the last three days and they have been doing party playing music in high volume.

Reportedly, being irritated, later the locals reached the home to ask what actually was going on. But in the meantime, some of the group has attacked the locals with sharp weapons.

Moreover, the locals alleged that the group of youths has burnt one of their own vehicles, inside their campus and tried to blame the local residents.

During this attack, more than 7 people got seriously injured and they have immediately sent to the hospital for further treatment.

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